It is something I wonder, whether evil is crafted or if it arises spontaneously. Is it a combination of both? Or are some predisposed to evil, and it’s all a matter of circumstance whether this potential will be achieved? Whatever the case may be, the fact is that They are evil, and They have been taught to hate people like you, and people like me. They have been taught to hate, to hate viciously. Those who instigate Them to commit crimes against us go on to hide these crimes, so that the carnage may never stop. In an attempt to alert my fellow men and women, and so that the victims may be remembered, I will share their stories. These are but a few, a few drops in an ocean. The amount of pain and suffering that They have caused is beyond measure.

Robert was killed while waiting for a ride after a Halloween party. A car pulled up to him and the driver beckoned him closer before shooting the 19-year-old in the chest and leaving him to die in the street. Robert was a college student who enjoyed writing and performing music with his band. Investigators believe he was the first victim of one of Them, who in the next few weeks went on to kill three more men and injure several others. Almost all of the targets were random strangers whom he shot from his car.

Tracy was killed at work. One of Them came to rob the gas station where Tracy was a clerk. He pulled the 54-year-old into the station’s restroom and shot her in the head, then left with a few hundred dollars. A customer found Tracy’s body shortly afterwards. Years earlier, Tracy had suffered a stroke which affected her speech and made her self-conscious, but she found her occasional shifts at work helpful. According to her family, “She loved her job. She always tried to keep a smile on her face, especially with her customers. You could see a light shining through Tracy.”

Matthew was stabbed to death. On his way home from work, a group of six of Them attacked Matthew. According to the attackers’ statements, They had been watching TV together when something on the screen got them “hyped” to the point that They decided to find a random person to assault. One of Them dared another to stab their victim, and so he did once they had chosen Matthew and began beating him. Court documents indicate that the underlying reason why the group killed the 25-year-old was “because They were bored.”

Matthew was killed by his caretaker. Matthew lived in a group home because of his severe autism, which left him with the mental capacity of a 4-year-old. A worker at the facility, who is one of Them, beat and stomped on Matthew, causing him to die of severe organ damage.

Kelli came home from school to find one of Them burglarizing her house. The man stabbed the 14-year-old several times and ran off with her phone. When Kelli’s mother arrived one hour later, she found the girl lying face-down in the kitchen and feared she committed suicide. The day after Kelli’s murder, the perpetrator texted her mother several times to tease and intimidate her.

Colleen stepped out of class to use the restroom and was followed by one of her 14-year-old students. Inside the restroom, He stabbed the young math teacher, raped her, and slit her throat with a boxcutter. Then He used a recycling bin to haul Colleen’s body out of the school and into some nearby woods, where He posed the corpse in a sexual position.

Autumn went to a nearby house to trade bicycle parts. The 12-year-old girl was beaten and strangled to death by her 15-year-old neighbor, who is one of Them. Then He and His older brother dumped her body in a recycling bin.

Quita was found dead near some railroad tracks. Quita and her newlywed husband had been taking a walk near their home when a van pulled up with strangers inside. They forced the couple into the vehicle, tied them up, sexually assaulted Quita, and beat the couple unconscious. They drove to an industrial area and dragged Quita out by the hair. With a machete, they began slicing at the 28-year-old and her husband. Having nearly decapitated Quita and believing her husband to be dead as well, the men left.

Joshua and Michael died of smoke inhalation. The boys had been asleep when one of Them started a fire outside their apartment, targeting his ex-girlfriend who was living with the boys and their mother. Although the women survived the attack, and the other tenants in the building were able to escape, firefighters couldn’t reach 4-year-old Joshua and 3-year-old Michael in time to save their lives.

Lawrence was in his driveway when a group of Them approached him. They pushed the 87-year-old to the ground and stole his wallet, then left him lying unconscious. Lawrence, a war veteran and entrepreneur who was famous in the area for his hot tamale recipe, died in a hospital two days later.

I showed you only ten of these stories. These events happen every single day, but you will never see them reported in the national news, a media apparatus that works incessantly to create a distorted reality, where the victim is the perpetrator, and the perpetrator is the victim. Now you know, that when you live among Them, you had better watch out!

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