It is the harshest of dilemmas
One that to me happens oft
Expecting something, ‘er I approach
And instead, I just get naught

I raise my head and loud I ask
What it is, that must be done
For my love she doth not want me
Now I must walk the lonely road

So I’ll call my good friend Merlin
To upon ‘er cast a spell
And thus if all well doth fare
By that spell she’ll be ensnared

My friend Merlin’s full o’ tricks
But I don’t know if this he’ll manage
If he gets me what I seek
Full o’ gifts I’ll have ‘im barraged

So despite the outside help
I wonder if ‘er love I’ll e’er find
Will I overcome this test?
And will I then get some respite?

Merlin and I, we’ve had a word
It seems to me like a good deal
And if ‘is spell, it doth not work
Then to whom will I appeal?

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