When you were young your tree was strong
For it had just been renewed
And what is it, that your tree needs?
Give it a daughter, or a son

The tree is now under your care
Can’t you see its end is nigh?
So make sure that you water it
Make sure it won’t dry up

At first, you’ll be oblivious
Because you will be high on life
Tasting her every fruit
Walking the paths where joy does lie

And then you’ll note a change of pace
The tree’s become a tad too stiff
Because its blood moves oh so slow
It has got to be replaced

But of this you weren’t mindful
Now your tree, it must depart
Its care to you behooved
Now it’s dead right at the roots

Remember your uncle, Jack?
I heard a great man, he was
Make sure you do him justice
Because now of him, only you can talk

And of the more than thousand souls
With whom a bond you had then formed
Only a few of them remain
That bond’s no longer one so strong

And when you think of long gone friends
It will all seem to have passed so fast
All those games and all the talking
Will play before you in a flash

And when about them you do talk
Choose your words with utmost care
Because you’ll have to do them justice
You’ll have to treat them very fair

You will begin to hate the silence
Which will bring you nothing but despair
You will be living in the past
Because the present you won’t bear

And when your once beautiful tree
Reaches the untimely, dreadful end
Peacefully it shall not go
It will be there, left to rot

And if this mistake you do avert
You will have done what must be done
You will enjoy the words and laughs
Of your blood that was renewed

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