This tale I have to tell
It is the story of the waters
Cause it’s a big piece in the puzzle
It is the one that really matters

It is the story of the men
Men who tamed the dreaded seas
Those who this tale contradict
Are full of lies and of deceit

For this fine place we have many a name
Call it a dock, call it a wharf
And if I’m feelin’ a bit Latin
Port is the name that I’ll be yappin’

A fair Angle once inquired
What must I do? What must I do?
To inherit the wide world
And do with it as I wish
Seafaring folk you must become
And put all else on a tight leash
Grip it strong, grip it steady
Or there’s a chance that they’ll break free

If you are full of life and of resolve
Let me tell you this, seafaring folk
That glory awaits in the horizon
The world’s throne, it shall be yours

If you see our flag atop our beasts
You’ll lose your tongue, your way of life
A foreign tongue you will be speaking
Maybe Spanish, or English preaching

Those who with me disagree
One more thing they must remember
That we all pray to the Virgin Mary
Or give our thanks in late November

Cause in this world there are no rights
And in this world there is no justice
In this world there’s only might
A realm of might, and of injustice

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