John is 75 years old, and in the past ten years or so he hasn’t had that great a time. Health issues have plagued him in the past decade. John’s had two heart attacks and he’s been on blood thinners and statins for years. John experiences muscle weakness in his legs along with other issues like hearing loss, a generally quiet speaking voice, despite trying to speak at a more normal volume. He’s been experiencing some memory issues as well. John is one of many.

Statins are a terrible drug. They are a perfect example of Western medicine’s band-aid approach to health. An approach that is both useless and destructive. Statins are just one of the many examples of drugs that I will not touch with a six-foot pole. Our bodies are intelligent machines, but there are limits to the environmental insults that may be tolerated. After all, a bullet to the head will kill the finest human specimen.

Chronic decline is the number one cause of death in the West. Old people in this side of the world die a slow, tortuous death, and I intend to avert undergoing such a decline. There are many things one can do to reach the end gracefully, and at the core of it all is what we put in our mouth. I used to be quite orthorexic, but I have since learned that letting your mind run amok can be the worst sort of suffering. I did not make a 180-degree turn, however; I have learned to overcome the obsessive elements of my thinking, but I have not thrown the baby out with the bathwater. Personally, I want to die as a man who remembers his own name, and who doesn’t need help wiping his own arse.

The food industry serves as an example of how much more complex the world is today than it ever was in the past. Let me give you an example: In Argentina, fine table salt contains silica as an anti-caking agent. I hope you share with me the lack of excitement about ingesting glass powder, because that’s precisely what silica is. This means that at least 40 million people are putting glass powder into their stomach on the daily. I think this is criminal, and I haven’t yet decided if the chemists responsible for this atrocity are trying to kill us all or if they are just that incompetent. Of course, studies have appeared that established that consumption of silica irritates the gut, and the scientists have concluded that spraying out our food with glass is unwise. Silica is but one of the innumerable heinous substances that our governments allow our food to be tampered with. A consequence for us Argentines is that any food that has salt as an ingredient may also contain silica, because we don’t know what kind of salt they used.

I don’t want to get preachy about what one must do, the intent here is to warn people that the government cannot be trusted. A second recommendation would be to read ingredient labels and avoid anything that doesn’t read like plain English. One last thing I must add: don’t be a vegan. It’s been shown that vegans have smaller brains than vegetarians, and that vegetarians have smaller brains than omnivores. Insufficient animal protein in the diet will shrink your brain. If you would like to, do feel free to interact in the comment section; this is one of my interests.

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