What is the crux of the matter?
In this world where words abound
For a thought I’ll give you a shilling
And for a deed at least one pound

To know this, would be my pleasure
How it is our worth is measured
Because my mind, no one can read
And my deeds are what is seen

So I could quietly play the game
And this benefit always reap
But for a minute I’ll be earnest
And of my thoughts you’ll catch a glimpse

A good measure of them is happy
And sometimes they make me chuckle
Seldom times I do feel fear
And some others bring me tears

I’ll say most folk I find alright
Nothing compromise can’t solve
So unless you’re out of reason
Know in me, you’ll find no foe

For a few, I hold deep hatreds
That one proscribed emotion
I make sure it is well placed
On those who make my stomach churn

And those I love, it’s with a fury
But how does it manifest?
In friendship, a little timid
And in romance, a lot less

‘Tis one thing you may deem silly
But I gave up a year’s wages
To get a prize money can’t buy
A gift so prized all through the ages

This gift demanded quite the effort
Because the clock was ticking fast
And them poor souls who were too greedy
And chose the dough over their wants
Alas they can’t go back in time
And now they are rich, sad, and old

But that’s enough, I’ll now stop wandering
So let us get back to my thoughts
Sometimes they are well intended
And some others quite perverse

There’s also room for melancholy
And the sadness might well linger
But of your mares please beware
As too much of it, is a folly!

And though fair souls I do respect
Their achievements duly admired
I don’t forget they’re all too human
Of repeating that, I’ll ne’er tire

And in the most extreme of cases
And where my wisdom does permit
I am not ashamed to admit
That my deed may be deceit

One of the hardest things I fought
Is the urge to talk too loud
And undeserving, be too proud
And thus replacing mouth for snout

Now it’s time to stop the talk
For I deem you’ve heard enough
All the rest I’ll leave to doubt
And what you see is all that counts

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