Of wind and salt right by the shore
The ocean vast, a gentle path
A lofty place, cliffs of Dunmore
A winding way, low near the waves
Hugged by field and cliff alike
A rusted boat rests by the quay
Longing its fate not be decay

Ever could I lie right by your side
And sway along just like the tide
To caress your golden hair again
And to be free of worries hence
The joy to walk your brightest blossom
And descend upon Portally’s bosom

I once despaired it all seemed over
Stranded in another land
Thoughts I wan’t pleased to have
Coming from my darkest corners

But this one thing I have considered
That it may seem that all things wither
But there’s one thing time cannot beat
And that’s the strength of a willing heart
A heart that shan’t admit defeat
It is therefore good I deem
Full of pride and self-esteem
That I’ll see your every cove again
And feel thy sand beneath my feet


  1. Beautiful words Federico.
    Lovely description of Dunmore ……makes me feel lucky to live so close by !
    Hope you do come back to see the cliffs and ‘cold’ beach some day.
    Slan, Mary

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