It was back in twenty twenty
A time of joy and bliss
A tight group of friends I had
To places wander we did

On most nights we would all gather
To play, share, and chat
Good memories were forged
That era’s over—alas

It was on the good Dane’s birthday
That her I happened to meet
Tall and red-headed she was
My eyes, she did please

It was after we had eaten
That this lady, I approached
There was not an ounce of friction
Neither friction, nor reproach

We spent a good deal chatting
What she sought, I knew not
In the midst of word and sip
There was a kiss, and something more

It was then that her I courted
It was happy and short-lived
Before I knew it, things changed course
Something nasty, she did to me

All I wanted was, good to feel
And for the worse, things did turn
She was looking for some fun
And I for the real deal

It was when we went to Tuscany
To the sea and cobbled paths
It was there that things turned sour
It made me all aghast

At first I was only startled
Because ignored by her I was
I tried to find the reason
But dig one out, I could not

The day was almost over
The sun, it had died out
Full of questions and despair
This link I wanted to repair

So my good friend I approached
And he sat right next to me
He placed his hand right on my shoulder
And consolation came from his lips

My good friend, he came from Hungary
And his eyes were clear as ice
A gaze few could resist
To temptation, they give rise

That night I retired early
To my bed I did go
But sleep did not overtake me
Because quite angry, I was

It was about three a.m.
And awake I was, still
An instinct and a feeling
Told me something was amiss

So then I headed downstairs
Only to see debauchery
My so-called friend and her locked lips
Hungarian treachery

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